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Natural Awakenings Magazine: Women in Wellness 2023

Meet Trish Beckman of
The Guild of Modern Wellness

“Illnesses happen over time. With patience, time, and proper tools the body can heal itself.”

We have a full-body Theralight 360 Red-Light Therapy Bed, which helps the body metabolize free radicals. We also have an ozone sauna and an infrared sauna. All three of these self-care options help detoxify cells in the body. Clients have access to many self care modalities.

We serve healthy people that understand the value of taking good care of themselves, athletes that are looking to speed up recovery / decrease the chances of injury, and those that have tried everything offered by traditional medicine without success.

My approach:
Natural wellness with a modern touch. My clients know they will always leave feeling better than when they came. We offer plenty of included extras to make sure of it.

I’m motivated by:
My own journey back to health as a breast and thyroid cancer survivor. After I finished with chemotherapy, radiation, and several surgeries, I was left completely depleted. It’s been a process to detoxify. Sauna and red light therapy have been life changing.

Clients are inspired by me because:
They understand that I am a registered nurse with a story. I empathize with their plight and know I’m committed to helping them see results.

Guild of Modern Wellness
21415 W. Greenfield Ave., New Berlin
(262) 391-3876

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