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Pink October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Here we are just over half way through the month for breast cancer awareness. I’ve seen lots of funny memes, cancer screening reminders, and the like. There’s tons of info out there about the new this or that so we can find cancer sooner. If you ever actually do watch that rectangle box in your living room, there’s constant commercials urging you to “ask your doctor” about a pill for this type of illness or cancer… (jeez, whatever you do, don’t listen to that dude at the end of the commercial with his voice speed cranked up 5x).

If only doing all that worked? Have cancer statistics gotten any better? Is America healthier as a whole? Look around. What do you think? Most people have 2, 3, 4 and counting autoimmune diseases and diagnoses. It’s so stinking normal that no one even bats an eye. Oh that’s just my allergies. My asthma. My acid reflux. I’m only on the A’s here folks… There’s an alphabet’s worth of stuff going wrong. Do a quick google search. “It’s not clear what causes or triggers them…” *Sigh.

Back to the topic. Cancer. What I want to talk about here: PREVENTION! Let’s focus on what we can take accountability for and what things are in our control. Let’s be proactive before bad things even have a chance to start! Ok, guys. Buckle up here. I’m coming after some of your favorites…your food, your booze, that electronic thing you’re constantly looking down at, your mind-numbing games, your toxic emotions, toxic products, bad habits…and I’m just getting started here. All that “stuff’ you holds close… for what? Temporary pleasure? It’s a trap and if you’re not careful… it will kill you. One of our most valuable assets in our lives is our health. For some, once that’s gone, it really is gone.

So now what? The good news is, there are actually things you can do. Here’s a list of things that matter for your health, can help prevent bad stuff from happening, and are in YOUR control:

  1. What goes in your mouth, on your body, and is around your body. This one could be pages in length so I’ll be brief. For in your body just keep it simple: eat real food, stop putting toxic stuff in your mouths: processed crap/alcohol. Obesity is no joke. This should be right up there on your to-do-list. On your body: ladies yes. I’m gonna say it. Your hair dye and your personal care products are not helping you. Around your body: cleaning supplies, laundry soap, and don’t even get me started on all the hormone disrupting toxic stuff we are inhaling by way of candles, air fresheners, perfumes, or pretty much ANYTHING that says fragrance… Bottom line: toxic stuff you put in, on, and around your body can kill you.
  2. Sleep. Pretty self explanatory. Most of us get the value of this one. Set a goal for lights out and phones off by 10-10:30. Just a few things to add…wear an eye mask for all the artificial light in your rooms. Consider blue blocker glasses at night or better yet, read an actual book with pages. If you snore: take care of it. It’s affecting the quality of your rest. (And your partners) Rest inessential for restoring and repairing your body. Ignoring this one: can kill you.
  3. Stress. Ughhhh can we just stop stuffing our emotions please? And I don’t mean flying off the handle every few months at the people you love to let off steam or calling a friend to vent…I mean legit: dig out past traumas, hurts, disappointments, etc. and let them goooooo. Like forever. We’ve all had bad stuff happen in our lives. Some got more than their share. It’s not easy. If you need a professional, find one. This isn’t something that should take years of hand holding while laying on a couch. Work it outland move on. Look, there’s a chance you’re ruminating on stuff you’ve exaggerated or history you have flat out completely rewritten. There is no one to fix this but you, so do it. Toxic emotions left unattended can kill you.
  4. Movement/Exercise: I’m not talking about 2 hours in the gym doing cardio or deadlifts…how about walking the dog? Rebounding during a podcast? Maybe time away from your phone-cage walking in nature? Just don’t be so stagnant/sedentary. That too…can kill you.

Life is busy. Not all of these things are easy. Many definitely are not fun. And some just flat out suck. I get it. I have a million excuses too. I’ve got an excuse crown I like to don from time to time. You know what sucks even more? Being told your life’s on the line. You have cancer. Or whatever disease they don’t know what to do with that is only going to get worse. These are the things that really suck. So… Do I want to dye my hair? Use hairspray? Perfume? Live like a rock star? Have cocktails whenever I’d like? Use easy regular products? Shop for the easy cheap yummy food I can just peel a wrapper off? Fast food? Have whatever I want smothered in God-knows-what’s-in-it sauces? To some of these questions…yes. I dearly miss those blissful unaware days I had before I got sick? Of course. I can’t tell you how many people ask me “How do you do all that?” Or say things like: “Oh, I could never fast like that, or stop doing XYZ” . Yea, I know. I don’t always want to either. Believe me. But I also don’t want bad things to happen inside me so I’m trying to give myself the best shot I can. Sometimes I still revert back. Maybe I’m 85-90% dedicated to taking care of myself…fasting, eating the garnish rather than the meal, getting grayer and grayer… lol. I really try my best to not stick out like a sore thumb and keep my weird quirks to myself. Sometimes I just wanna live and be regular. Sometimes I just go to Kopp’s for a double scoop. Most times though, I’m just doing my best to not be soft and to do what I can…

IDK friends. This whole long thing was to just let y’all know, early detection is fine and everything but I’d like to see more focus on PREVENTION. Why wait until the horse is out of the barn? If you didn’t ever give any of this much thought and now you’re in a bad spot, it’s not too late! If you’re lucky enough to have dodged a bullet… for God’s sake: take note of the wake up call! There’s soooo much you can do. If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, come see me. We can sort things out.

For now, take care of your body. If you don’t take care of your health…you WILL be taking care of your illnesses..

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